Anywhere Software B4A (Basic4Android) v8.30 [FULL] + Extras APK [Latest]

Anywhere Software B4A

Anywhere Software B4A

Basic4Android is a simple and powerful application development tool for devices running the Android operating system. The Basic4Android language is very similar to the popular Visual Basic language. When developing applications, many different additional libraries are used. To execute the created programs, no additional runtime tools are required.

The Basic4Android development environment includes a powerful visual designer that supports a variety of screen sizes and orientations. To debug applications, connect an Android emulator or a real device. Connection is possible via USB or local network.

Developers are available a large number of additional libraries for working with SQL databases, GPS, serial port (Bluetooth), camera, internet, XML, animation, network, voice messages, voice recognition, tables, graphics and many others.

All versions of Android OS are supported, starting from 1.6

From the translator: Choosing a programming language, you need to know what level of tasks will be solved. In the case of complex professional applications, it is better to choose a language more complex and powerful. However, for the implementation of simple products, you can learn the Basic-like programming language yourself. You will spend a little time studying, and spend most of your time in the implementation of your project. You can conduct an experiment – create a program in C # and Basic4Android with the same functionality. In the second case, the developer will spend less time.

What’s New
– Resumable subs in debug mode are optimized in the same way other subs are optimized.
– Starter service is never destroyed until the process is killed – if you carefully read the automatic foreground notifications tutorial then you should be aware to a significant behavioral change in Android 8+. The OS kills services while the app is in the background. In previous versions the OS never killed specific services (only the complete process). This change made it much more difficult to work with the starter service as you could no longer assume that the starter service is running.
Starting from B4A v8.3 the starter service will never be paused until the process is killed. Internally it switches from the service context to the application context.
– Several other important debugger optimizations.
– Bit.ArrayCopy method. Same as ByteConverter.ArrayCopy.
– New File methods: CopyAsync, Copy2Async, ReadBytes, WriteBytes and ListFilesAsync.
– Support for Java 8 jars and AARs.
– Ctrl + Click on class types and custom types.
– Autocomplete improvements.
– Autocomplete in CallSub methods:
– B4A Sdk Manager v3.27 – Supports Java 10.
– Files can be added to groups directly.
– For loops optimization (in release mode).
– BitmapCreator v3.60 is included as an internal library.
– xCustomListView v1.63 is included as an internal library.
– XUI v1.70 is included as an internal library. This is a large update to XUI library with support for text measurements and other features.
– Phone.ShellAsync – Asynchronous version of Phone.Shell.
– Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


Anywhere Software B4A (Basic4Android)


Anywhere Software B4A (Basic4Android) v8.30 [FULL] + Extras APK / Mirror

Libraries (Mar 2017) & latest (147.1mb) / Mirror

Pack of additional programs(2.9mb) / Mirror

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