Touch Macro-No Root v7.8 APK [Latest]

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Touch Macro-No Root

Touch Macro-No Root

TOUCH MACRO can work on all android devices regardless rooted or not.
You can edit macro easily with edit macro function.

TOUCH MACRO requires initial setup using computer. Once configured, TOUCH MACRO can work without computer. If your android device is reboot, you should configure again.
If your device is rooted, you can use it right after installing the app.
* Please complete the setup using computer before you buy it. This web-site provide a configuration tool and instruction.
http://goodluck2000-android-developer.b … ation.html

Add functions.
1. Screencapture.
2. Compare image.
3. Create loop


1. Screencapture & match image
2. Create group and repeat group replay.
3. Improve editing macro function.
4. Bug fix.


  • Touch Macro-Auto Touch Screenshot
  • Touch Macro-Auto Touch Screenshot


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